Friday, September 26, 2008

American Heart Association

Health care. Meaningful health care. Affordable health care. These are central to the American Heart Association's call to both of the current Presidential candidates.

Via MarketWatch:

The American Heart Association today unveiled six principles on healthcare reform as the presidential candidates begin a series of debates, the first scheduled for Friday, Sept. 26, at the University of Mississippi. With a vision of a stronger healthcare system, the association's 2008 Statement of Principles on Health Care Reform outlines critical issues that must be addressed to ensure high-quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans.

"We are committed to approaching healthcare reform from the perspective of the patient," said Daniel W. Jones, M.D., Immediate Past-President of the American Heart Association and Vice Chancellor of the University of Mississippi. "The goal is to create a dialogue among our elected officials, particularly focusing on the needs of individuals who have or are at risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke."
And a lovely list of principles it is indeed:
  • Everyone in America should have meaningful, affordable health care coverage
  • Benefits of a preventative nature should be an essential part of that coverage
  • Everyone should have high quality and affordable health care
  • All health care disparities based on gender, race, or geographic location must be eliminated
  • National prioritization of biomedical and health services
  • The pool of health care workers needs to be expanded through a substantial, sustained program of support for medical and clinical education/training
The MarketWatch press release has a lot more on the subject to help provide some context. Click the "SOURCE" link below for more information.

SOURCE: "American Heart Association Calls on Presidential Candidates to Adopt the Organization's New Principles on Healthcare Reform" 09/24/08
photo courtesy of CarbonNYC, used under its Creative Commons license

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