Monday, October 6, 2008

Health Care Returning to the Presidential Race?

As the pundits rail about the race for the Oval Office and the newscasts are filled with baleful economic predictions, the American public continues to find health care reform of utmost importance. Unfortunately, the topic seems to have drifted out of the media coverage zone, eclipsed by political spots and visions of a failing Wall Street. This is especially a shame considering many have tied the ills of the health care industry directly to the economic hardships we are now facing. (See last Thursday's blog post for Elizabeth Edwards' take on the subject.)

Now that the first two debates -- Presidential and Vice Presidential -- are passed, it would seem that this vitally important topic may be returning to the spotlight it so richly deserves. Sen. Obama has brought out a new ad which brings the subject to center stage, evidently sensing a weakness on the subject in his competitors. Foon Rhee, deputy national political editor at, has posted the video...

This is heartening to see since it was not that long ago that I wrote an entry here entitled "Health Care Falls Off the Radar".

SOURCE: "Obama sees opening on healthcare" 10/03/08
photo courtesy of Chesi Photos CC, used under their Creative Commons license

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