Thursday, July 24, 2008

Slate Brings US The Health Care Slugfest!

Slate Magazine, an online daily owned by The Washington Post that has attracted numerous awards brings us a really useful collection of links to information from all sides of the health care debate.

As Slate's writer, Timothy Noah, puts it:

If you want to learn the current parameters of the political debate over health care reform, scrutinizing the plans proposed by presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain will get you only so far. A sharper picture of where the battle lines are drawn is starting to emerge from two new lobby campaigns recently created by two key opposing groups.
He then goes on to provide capsule descriptions of the Insurance Industry's Campaign for an American Solution and the liberal movement's Health Care For America NOW!

It is, as blog posts often are, a quick read. A plethora of hyperlinks will take the online investigator to a variety of pertinent source material on both sides of the issue, and does so with the usual patented Slate cheekiness.

SOURCE: "Health Care Reform: The Slugfest Begins - Meet the interest groups that will decide the fate of medical insurance." 07/22/08
photo courtesy of d. billy, used under its Creative Commons license

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