Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Remote Moitoring Device Gets FDA Approval.

Technology is often a topic here on the Health Care Reform Now! blog. Electronic medical records and the coupled aspects of savings and efficiency that they bring to the table are a central part of George C. Halvorson's approach to reform. Today, I would like to talk about a new innovation, one which will help fill in the blanks on medical records, electronic or otherwise.

I am speaking of the Intel Health Guide PHS6000, a nifty little gadget that takes over a lot of the monitoring and communications needs of chronic care. Catherine Paddock over at Medical News Today has a nice little review of the device:

Intel's Health Guide has an online interface that allows clinicians to monitor and manage patients remotely. The interactive device which can be attached to blood pressure monitors and other home based equipment, sends vital sign data to the clinician, shows patient reminders, presents multimedia educational content, and allows patients and clinicians to communicate by video conference and email. It looks like a medium sized chunky laptop with a touch screen.
I think we could be seeing something big kicking off here. Ease of use studies have been underway for sometime now and projections show the gadget hitting the market around the end of this year. Once this and devices like it become commonplace, it should help put a hefty dent in cost of care by eliminating unneeded office visits as well as by providing up to the minute data for treatment.

SOURCE: "Intel's Home Care Remote Monitoring And Communication Device Gets FDA Approval" 07/14/08
Press release photo courtesy of Intel

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  1. I have linked to, and quoted from, testimony of Mr. Halvorson, before the Senate Finance Committee, earlier this morning, July 17, 2008.

    I hope it is okay that I also co-promoted his latest book, in my graphical matter/sidebar, accompanying excerpts of his testimony on Health Care Reform in the United States of America.

    Great blog!

    -- The Condor


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