Monday, August 11, 2008

Democrats: Health Care For All!

This weekend, the Democrats managed to reach consensus on a platform that "commits the party to guaranteed health care for all." Sen. Obama still adheres to his standing position about not mandating coverage, but finding ways to make it more accessible.

While Sen. Obama still declines to adopt a mandate as part of his strategy, the fact that this plank in the platform has been finalized brings the Democratic Party's overall stance closer to the the approach favored by Sen. Clinton.

Now that the Dems have settled on their stance, I'm sure this will be heating up on the campaign trail. Sen. McCain will now have definite targets for debate, and with the recent scandal over John Edwards' affair keeping his wife Elizabeth out of the ring, the Republicans must be heaving a sigh of relief.

Advisers in both the Clinton and Obama camps seem happy, and activists within the party are mollified enough to have dropped their tougher stance demanding a single payer system.

SOURCE: "Democrats adopt goal of health care guarantee" 08/09/08
photo courtesy of Steve Rhodes, used under its Creative Commons license

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