Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Health Care Reform Research on Election Day

Okay, folks. As someone who has become addicted to using his iPhone for web surfing when stuck in lines, I'm going to provide an election day resource list for those of you doing just that. Here are some of the pertinent pages available online so that you can do any last minute research while waiting for your opportunity to be part of the process. With record level voter turnout expected, and long lines across the nation during early voting a few days ago, I am willing to say it's a safe bet you may find some time on your hands.

  • Scott Whipple of The New Britain Herald takes a look at likely outcomes for health care should either side win. [link]
  • Channel 6 Action News, an ABC affiliate, provides video comparing the candidates' plans. [link]
  • Paul Krugman compares the plans in an Op-Ed for The New York Times. [link]
  • The AP Fact Check article by Calvin Woodward covers many issues as well as health care [link]
  • The Kaiser Family Foundation's Daily Health Policy Alert [link]
Let us hope that we all have the opportunity and the motivation to participate in this election. No matter which way things go, it will have a drastic impact on health care for every American. In the meantime, I hope that some of today's post is useful for the iPhone, Blackberry, and Google Phone set!

Thank you for being part of the process! Let us hope for a healthy four years!

photo courtesy of SanFranAnnie used under its Creative Commons license

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