Thursday, November 6, 2008

The President Elect Faces Hard Work On Health Care

So history has now been made. On January 20, 2009, our 44th President will take his place as Commander-in-Chief. That man will be Barack Obama. With the vast majority of health care organizations backing his plan, and a seeming mandate from the people, he should be in a position to rapidly enact change, correct? Not really.

You see, like everything in life, health care reform is going to cost. With $700 billion recently allocated to the financial bailout, I would be willing to wager that purse strings are going to be a bit tight. Then you add in the $455 billion budget deficit. To be blunt, I think it could be a fight for every penny. Of course, the one thing that is a huge variable, as his winning campaign has shown all along, is President Elect Obama's seeming mandate from the people. How much leverage will that give him with Congress?

Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor over at Reuters shares some optimism from the Senate floor:

But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid predicted the momentum for change would be there. "We have no alternative," Reid told National Public Radio on Wednesday morning. "A wave of hope has swept the country."

Reid said Republicans would not dare to block legislation, given Tuesday's voter mandate.
The next few months are going to be very interesting....

SOURCE: "ANALYSIS-Even with mandate, Obama faces health care pain" 11/05/08
photo courtesy of EricaJoy, used under its Creative Commons license

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