Friday, August 24, 2007

Democratic Candidates on Health Care Reform

Yesterday, the Associated Content blog published a brief recap of the televised debate on health care reform this past Sunday. The eight Democratic candidates in the 2008 Presidential election all participated in the 85-minute long discussion, which aired on ABC.

The blogger, Rafael B., writes:

Is a Universal Health Care system in the horizon? Who knows but it seem[s] that the majority of the candidates are blaming private insurance companies, drug and pharmaceutical companies for the mess of the US health Care system. It seems that they may be inclined to adopt an alternative system for managing the health issued of millions of Americans.

Current polling indicates that, today, the No. 1 domestic issue for voters in the US is Health Care.

You can view the complete video online at C-SPAN and read the entire transcript on the ABC News website.

SOURCE: "Democratic Candidates Debate on Health Care:
What Do They Think?" 08/23/07

photo courtesy of Kristen Price

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