Monday, August 20, 2007

Wisconsin's State Plan

On the In These Times blog today, David Moberg writes about state legislation in Wisconsin regarding universal health care. Moberg quotes the Progressive States Network, which called the Healthy Wisconsin plan "the boldest and most comprehensive health care reform from any state." Writes Moberg, "It may become a model for other states or national universal health care."

Combining features of “single-payer” proposals that make a public plan the universal insurer with elements of market-oriented “managed competition” proposals, Healthy Wisconsin would cover virtually every state resident not insured under a public program, like Medicare. According to projections by the Lewin Group, a prominent health care consulting firm, it would also save individuals, employers and governments an estimated $13.8 billion on health insurance over the next decade.

Advocates believe that even if the plan doesn't pass this session, it has a strong chance of passing next year.

SOURCE: "Universal Health Care for Wisconsin?" 08/20/07
Wisconsin state capitol photo courtesy of Paul Wilczynski

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