Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wyoming Senator Helps Advance Health Care Reform

In the Casper Star Tribune today, Tom Morton writes about the chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, Edward Kennedy, a Democratic Senator from Massachusetts. The senior Senator from Wyoming, Republican Mike Enzi, previously held the position. Kennedy is entrusting Enzi "to grapple with the finer points of health care reform," according to Morton.

[...] instead of promoting a single comprehensive health care reform bill that could die by a thousand cuts, [Enzi is] promoting 10 different bills, he said.

They include allowing small businesses to band together and cross state lines to obtain group health insurance; allowing individuals to buy into group programs; and fostering coordinated health care technology.

The latter bill would save upward of $160 billion a year, he said. Individuals would have their records on a card that would eliminate the need to fill out multiple forms and inform physicians of previously performed tests to avoid duplicate testing [...]

The committee has been soliciting input from experts, "and has encouraged them to incorporate each other's ideas as it crafts legislation."

SOURCE: "Enzi, Kennedy Join Forces to Reform Health Care" 08/21/07
photo courtesy of "scol22, SXC"

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