Tuesday, July 17, 2007

EMRs meet the iPhone

Life Record, a company that developed "the world's first web enabled medical record software based on the Intersystems Cache database" in 1998, is now hyping its compatability with the newly released Apple iPhone.

As always you can access your Life Record EMR on your Mac, Windows, or Tablet PC, but what if you are in a restaurant and do not have your laptop with you? What if you are on the golf course and you're miles away from your laptop? Have no fear, pull out your iPhone, log in to your Life Record with EMRAnywhere technology and you are not only viewing your patient records, you can add, edit, make changes, issue prescriptions, and review images from the palm of your hand in a mobile beauty that has never before been realized.

In addition to web-based Electronic Medical Records software, Life Record sells a variety of other programs to medical practitioners.

SOURCE: Med Gadget

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