Monday, July 23, 2007

Wisconsin's Universal Health Care Plan - Pros and Cons

The Wisconsin Senate recently attached a proposal to their budget bill that would create a $15 billion tax increase to fund universal health care within the state.

The proposal is being met with both criticism and praise. The Green Bay Press-Gazette ran two guest columns yesterday -- one in favor of the plan, and one against.

Joe Leean, a former state senator and chair of the planning committee for the new health care plan, writes in his guest column:

It is the largest tax increase in state history. Because the funding for the plan is assessed on payroll, it is collected as a tax. But the naysayers are neglecting to point out that the approximate $15 billion collected for this plan eliminates more than $15 billion currently paid by businesses and consumers in insurance premiums.

Bill G. Smith, state director of the National Federation of Independent Business/Wisconsin, writes in his article:

Now, we understand that when public policy decisions are made, there are compromises. However, this is a proposal seeking to fund health care with a new payroll tax on businesses regardless of their ability to pay, regardless of their profitability and regardless of employer and employee choice.

According to Leean, "Leaders of the Republican-controlled Assembly have stated there is no way this package will pass their house."

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Wisconsin capitol photo courtesy of Steve Todey via Stock.Xchng

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