Monday, July 30, 2007

Market Reform Key to Health Care Reform?

In today's Boston Herald, Dr. Lawrence A. Hunter, a senior fellow at the Institute for Policy Innovation, critiques health care reform plans that involve market reform.

Hunter criticizes "market-based health plans," such as those proposed by 2008 Presidential candidates Sen. Hillary Clinton, Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, and Sen. Barack Obama, and former Sen. John Edwards.

In both parties, politicians have proposed to "curb," "harness" or "reform" the market to "fix" America’s health care system. However, lawmakers continue to ignore the underlying problem with today’s health care system. Because of government intervention in the marketplace, there’s a vast gap between the demand for health care and its supply.

Hunter discusses troubles he believes are already apparent in Massachusetts' state-based health care reform and compares these to potential reform on the national level. He also goes on to point out specific problems he sees with the candidates' plans.

John Edwards' plan hides this tax hike by forcing businesses to "either cover their employees or help finance their health insurance," and Obama has promised to "require employers to make a meaningful contribution to the health coverage of their employees." Romney’s plan assessed new taxes on those who chose not to buy health insurance and small business owners who wouldn’t play along - proving there is no such thing as voluntary socialism, even when designed by a so-called conservative.

SOURCE: "Market Reform Most Unhealthy: Gov’t Meddling Sickens System" 07/30/07

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