Friday, July 13, 2007

State-Run vs. National

Today on the TPM Cafe blog, health care specialist Maggie Mahar argues against state-by-state health care reform.

The fight for national healthcare reform will be fierce. To stand up to the powerful national interests that oppose reform, reformers will need muscle. This is just one reason why the battle must take place at the national level. Incrementalism -- one state at a time -- is no answer.

Mahar cites other reasons, such as the U.S. having more clout than individual states in dealing with pharmaceutical and insurance companies, wealthier states helping the poorer states, and the low ratings that state-run Medicaid programs receive.

She also brings up the possibility that problems within state-run health care plans will reflect negatively on potential nationwide programs, and give opponents to national health care reform the ammunition to shoot the ideas down.

SOURCE: "Why We Can't Reform Healthcare One State At A Time" 07/13/07
Photo by Chance Agrella, courtesy of Free Range.

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