Monday, January 28, 2008

IADMD Offers Free Web Sites for Doctors & Dentists

According to a press release dated this morning, the International Association of Dental and Medical Disciplines (IADMD) is headed for the 33rd Yankee Dental Conference with some cutting edge plans. The medical professionals trade group is offering a new membership perk to those who join -- a professionally done, "upscale" website.

“A Web site is a like an office on the Internet and doctors should have flashy, professional and state-of-the-art Web sites,” says Dr. John J. Ryan, president of IADMD.

At the conference, the IADMD booth will be fully wired, so the various Web site design offerings IADMD offers can be displayed.

But it's more than just a giveaway. Connecting doctors of all disciplines to the Internet is the first step in an overall plan to reform the health care system so that doctors of all disciplines can communicate with one another and under one umbrella group.
The IADMD has an ambitious vision statement that embraces health care reform: " promote worldwide healing with a doctor-led, non-socialized plan, that does not add taxes or burdens on employers or individuals, and secures every person's right to the highest quality whole-body health care." Of particular note is the fact that IADMD websites will be e-commerce enabled, allowing patients to both pay online and order products from their doctors. The press release also touts the fact that a similar website would cost between five and ten thousand U.S. dollars, plus monthly hosting and administration fees.

The IADMD gets points for transparency. They are very straightforward about the fact that this is not only meant to be a necessary step forward technologically, but also a great way shine a spotlight on their own organization and efforts:
“If this sounds like a steal that’s because it is,” says Dr. Ryan. “People need to know that they are getting a bargain and we're doing it to get attention.”
The IADMD can be found at Booth #2812 and #2813 of the Yankee Dental Conference, January 30 - February 3 in Boston, Massachusetts. If any of our readers make it to the conference please stop by and share your thoughts about the IADMD initiative or other discoveries by posting a comment.

SOURCE: "New Doctor-led Health Care Reform Group All Smiles as it Heads to the Yankee Dental Conference" 01/28/08
SOURCE: "Yankee Dental Conference 33"

photo is a screencapture of the IADMD website's front page

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