Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kaiser Releases Summary of Candidates' Positions on Health Care

It is the third day of the New Year, and tonight the Iowa Caucasus will determine the shape of the upcoming run for President of the United States. Facts, fiction, and anecdote swirl together in a dizzying fashion as all of the hopefuls make one final push for the hearts and minds, or at least the votes, of the Iowa public.

What exactly, you may ask, is a caucus and why is it so important in the run for the White House? Mark Z. Barabak of the Los Angeles Times explains the process and its history in an article this morning.

No matter what part of the political spectrum you embrace one thing is sure: this year's Presidential race is going to be a doozy! This is good news in at least one respect because it means a lot more public debate about our broken health care system, which is consistently listed as one of the most important issues to American voters.

Whether you are in Iowa debating who will receive your vote tonight, New Hampshire where the next fight in this running political battle will be, or anywhere else in the U.S. you will need facts and details in order to properly formulate your decision.

On the subject of health care reform, at least, you have a wonderful resource available in the Kaiser Family Foundation's breakdown on what the candidates and the media are saying about health care. Released on January 2nd, the Kaiser Health Policy Report gathers together in one place the pertinent media coverage, recent developments, polls, broadcast coverage, and opinion pieces concerning the U.S. Presidential candidates' positions on health care reform. The data is summarized, documented, and linked for ease of use.

SOURCE: " Election 2008 | Presidential Candidates Debate Health Care Proposals in Preparation for Iowa Caucuses " 01/02/08
SOURCE: "Why Iowa? And what's a caucus, anyway?" 01/03/08
photo courtesy of John Edwards 2008, used and remixed under this Creative Commons license


  1. kathleen@codebluenow.orgJanuary 3, 2008 at 2:57 PM

    Iowa promises to be fascinating. We will have a blog Friday, I hope by one of our Honorary Board members in Iowa.

    Caucuses are fascinating, because you get to listen, learn and negotiate. We have them here in WA State, and I once ended up at a Shirley Chisholm delegate.

    Ironically, it was at the home of the man who headed the Muskie Campaign in WA state. But they were pulling a smoking back room bit, but they were glass doors. I spoke out and won.

    Thanks also for the posting on the blog. We have listed "Epidemic of Care" in our suggested reading section on our blog.

    I'll try to get Health Care Reform Now!

    Shannon Brownlee's book, Overtreated is also awesome!

    Here's to a great '08 for health care reform.

    Kathleen O'Connor, CodeBlueNow!

  2. Thank you, Kathleen, for your contributions. I'm a former Seattlite, though I never participated in the caucuses.

    I appreciate the tip on Brownlee's book and best wishes for 2008!

    Health Care Reform Now! Blog Team


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